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The urban environment is the central theme in the work of Ulrich Wüst. Since he began his artistic career as a photographer in the 70's, he has repeatedly examined the urban design of eastern Berlin. In 1995, when Kasper König invited him to participate in the international art project of the energy-provider BEWAG, he was offered the opportunity to do a nearly two-year-long, extensive study on the rapid changes in the urban space of Berlin Mitte. For this Internet photo essay, he once again took photos in the Mitte district in 1999.

The artist Pat Binder and the art mediator Gerhard Haupt have been working with the Internet since 1996. Their very first project, Universes in Universe, an extensive information and communication system for the visual arts, received great attention worldwide. Above all they realize cultural projects, from the original concept up until the creative and technical implementation. (see uinic - Projects)

Binder, Haupt and Wüst live in Berlin and have worked together on previous projects. From February to May 1998, Ulrich Wüst presented a work in the Foto/Graphik Galerie Käthe Kollwitz, a project by Pat Binder. He was one of the two artists in the exhibition »Das Eigene im Anderen - das Andere im Eigenen« (The Self in Other - the Other in Self) curated by Gerhard Haupt (Mexico, 1998).

©  Ulrich Wüst, Pat Binder, Gerhard Haupt

Berlin Mitte. Explorations of an Urban Conversion

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