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Up to now, Ulrich Wüst had never really worked with »new media«. This first Internet project was suggested to him by Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt. For years, both have been familiar with the use of the medium in the field of art, as well as with Wüst's photography (see Authors). Therefore, they were convinced that the hypertext structure of a website is precisely the suitable form of presentation for the conceptual aspects of his art.
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  Ulrich Wüst often works for years on a specific theme, and combines the resulting photos again and again in new constellations for complex series. Hence the oldest photos in this online photo essay about the transformations in the urban space of Berlin's Mitte district are from the 70's and 80's, the most recent being taken in fall 1999. Dealing with the photographic material in such a way is for Wüst a persistent process of reflection.

For this project, Ulrich Wüst undertook new photo research in Berlin Mitte. In doing so, he also sought out locations which he had already photographed years before, in order to capture their current condition. From his first pre-selection, approximately four times larger, we together compiled 256 photos for this website. Through the curatorial, navigational dramaturgy, as well as through the linking of images and information, Pat Binder and Gerhard Haupt strove to make Ulrich Wüst's route comprehensible through space and time, and to shed light on content-related references.

  It is emphasized that our project is not a documentation which demands a representative cross-section, but rather a subjectively-formed view. Nevertheless, these artistic protocols on the transitory situations between past and present provide a complex image of the transformations which have taken place in the Mitte district over the past ten years, as in no other place in Germany, and continue to be carried out.

The project was made possible by the support of Dr. Thomas Flierl, Council Chairman for Ecological City Planning, Building and Housing in Berlin's Mitte District, who was immediately enthusiastic about the idea and took over the patronage; Mr. Franz-Josef Glotzbach, who committed himself to the project from the beginning; the sponsors: the Bauverein zu Hamburg and the Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH.

English translations: Holly Austin
(except the text by M. Flügge)
  ©  Photos: Ulrich Wüst; Website: Pat Binder, Gerhard Haupt

Berlin Mitte. Explorations of an Urban Conversion

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